Curriculum Overview

As we have mixed age classes our curriculum is split into two cycles. In 2021/22 we are teaching Cycle A
ClassAutumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
ElmMarvellous MeIf you go down to the woods todayOff we goIn the gardenOn the farmAt the Seaside
HazelCheck out ChorleyBumpus Jumpus DinosaurusMedieval MagicReady, Steady, Sow!Rumble in the JungleCommotion in the ocean

Cycle A

Year GroupAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 1 & 2Check Out ChorleyQuirky QueensWe're all going on a Summer Holiday
Year 3 & 4Stones and BonesViking VoyagesBeyond the Nile
Year 5 & 6The People and Technology that Changed the WorldGlorious GreeceThe House of Wisdom

Cycle B

Year groupAutumnSpringSummer
Year 1 & 2Nurturing NursesLondon's BurningOne small step for a man
Year 3 & 4All Roads lead to RomeAnglo-Saxon TimesSurvival in the Rainforest
Year 5 & 6War Torn BritainRecovery and reconstruction: Europe after WW2The Great Wall of China