Curriculum Overview

As we have mixed age classes our curriculum is split into two cycles. In 2021/22 we are teaching Cycle A

Cycle A

Year GroupAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 1 & 2Check Out ChorleyQuirky QueensWe're all going on a Summer Holiday
Year 3 & 4Stones and BonesViking VoyagesBeyond the Nile
Year 5 & 6The People and Technology that Changed the WorldGlorious GreeceThe House of Wisdom

Cycle B

Year groupAutumnSpringSummer
Year 1 & 2Nurturing NursesLondon's BurningOne small step for a man
Year 3 & 4All Roads lead to RomeAnglo-Saxon TimesSurvival in the Rainforest
Year 5 & 6War Torn BritainRecovery and reconstruction: Europe after WW2The Great Wall of China