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School Attendance

As you know, attendance is given high priority by school and by both local and central government.  The minimum attendance level expected for all children at primary school is 96%.  If attendance falls below this level children often struggle to keep up with school work and can be quickly overtaken by their peers. Children can also find it difficult to maintain friendships if they are often absent from school. 

Medical Appointments

Should your child require a medical appointment, please could you endeavour to make this out of school hours in order to prevent the disruption of your child’s learning.  We do appreciate that in some cases it is unavoidable and appointments are provided throughout the day, however where possible please could you request that an appointment is made after 3.30pm.

In the event that a medical appointment is made within the school day then we require sight of the written appointment letter or card prior to the day of the appointment, in order for the child to be released from school.   We must also advise that the child will not be released to anyone other than the designated Parent or Carer unless an arrangement has been previously made and agreed. 

Signing In and Signing Out

Located at the school office is the Signing In/Out register which must be completed when a child is

  • Late for school  (after 8:55 the doors will be locked and children need to enter via the main entrance)
  • Attending an appointment and being returned
  • Going home due to illness

Illness absence

Should your child be absent from school due to being unwell please contact us before 9.30am on the morning of the absence to advise. This can be done either by phone, email, text (07399272783) or calling into the school office in person, and also, where appropriate, provide medical proof for the absence in order for it to be logged as authorised.

Leave in term time

From 1st September 2013 Headteachers have not been able to authorise ANY leave of absence during term time unless there are EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. This decision was made to encourage schools to take a firmer stance on unnecessary absence and to dispel the myth held by many parents that there is an entitlement to time off school for holidays in term time.  

Leave of absence SHALL NOT be granted unless:

  • A request for leave has been made in advance, by the parent with whom the pupil normally resides, (forms are available from the school office) and
  • the Headteacher considers that the leave of absence shall be granted due to the EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES relating to the request.

Any leave taken which has not been authorised by the Headteacher will result in a Penalty Notice being issued, in accordance with the Local Authority Code of conduct.  When a Penalty Notice is received EACH parent receives a fine of £120 for EACH child.


As a school we reward good attendance. Each week the class with the best attendance and punctuality are recognised in assembly and will move one space on our new classopoly board. The class who is furthest round the board at the end of the term will receive a reward. Individual certificates are given termly to all children with attendance that is more than 96%. For each certificate awarded the child also has 1 entry into a prize draw at the end of the school year to win a large prize (last year this was a scooter worth £80). Badges are also awarded to children with 100% attendance. 1 term of100% attendance results in a bronze badge, 2 terms equates to a silver badge and 3 terms means a gold badge.

The happiness and educational progress of all our children are our main priorities and we believe that good attendance is a major way in which these priorities can be achieved.  

We would like to thank you for engaging with school regarding attendance matters and also thank you in advance for your continuing support with attendance throughout the forthcoming year.

If you would like any advice in relation to attendance please do not hesitate to contact school.