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Enterprise Week

Just before half term each class ran a business with the intention of earning as much profit as they could. They had to produce a business plan and pitch this to either Mr Proctor or Mrs Makinson in order to secure a business loan. They then organised and ran their business and once the loan had been paid back any profits will be spent by the class.

Class business

Amount borrowed 



Money to be spent on

Willow – Blue Cow milkshake bar




Playground equipment

Donation to Derian House

Film night with nibbles

Classroom games


Colouring books and crayons

Sycamore Beetle Drive




Playground equipment

Gift each on trip

Rowan Healthy Tuck shop




Playground equipment

Cherry Bakery




Playground equipment

Books for class library

Finger lights


Donation to charity

Pine Photo Booth




Playground equipment

Cinema afternoon

Class equiopment

Maple Massage




Playground equipment

PS2 games for wet playtimes

Beech Sparkle and Shine Scooter and Bike wash




Playground equipment

Apple Bingo




Playground equipment

Board games


Reading tent

Elm - Grumbly Crumblies




Resources for outdoor area

Ash Class Café




Resources for outdoor area

New sofa